Friday, January 25, 2013


It's been 7 days since I last wrote for this blog. Which can mean good or bad things are happening. Or nothing is happening. And nothing really has been happening…. Until today.

Last night Dad brought up that Mom needs to go see the doctor, more directly I need to set up a doctor's appointment. We had discussed switching doctors for mom. But after mom's reaction, we'll stick with the one we have. It's not that I don't like him or that mom doesn't like him. To the contrary, she adores him. It's cute to see her flirt with him. He's very kind and jokes with her. It's his office that I don't like. The billing department pissed me off months ago. See "Take the Damn Payment" for further information.  Since then, they've not called me once for payment. They learn fast there.

Today while we were out shopping mom brought up the doctor again. This was our conversation as we were walking out of Wal-Mart.

"Dad says I have to go to the doctor. He says I need to be seen." Her tone is sullen, like a teenager that doesn't want to take a test. She is twirling her DumDum sucker in her fingers while she says this. 

"Yes mom, you need to get your meds refilled. We need new prescriptions to mail in."  I hold my arm out but she will not take it.

"Dad says my heart numbers need to be checked." She said while walking in the middle of the aisle of the parking lot.

"I know your blood work needs to be done and that your blood pressure needs to be evaluated." I wave at her to get her to come closer to me. It doesn't work. She will not look at me. I try to keep the patience in my voice.

"But I don't want them to do those memory tests. Those are useless. Why do I need to be able to remember words?" she is now veering even farther away from me and a car is coming at us.

"Mom can you help me with the cart? I gotta get my keys out." I try to look like I can't do both things at once. She comes over by me to direct the cart but as soon as my keys are out, she's working her way back to the middle of the aisle.

"I don't want to see anyone new. Just take me to the one. You know that guy." She looks at me with a pleading in her eyes.

"Yes mom, I'll take you to see Dr. Blah Blah (name omitted for privacy). Will you please stop walking in the middle, that car is trying to get past you. NOW mom!" I let go of the cart and go grab her arm to steer her towards my car and the cart.

"Oh…." She looks around. "I didn't even see him. He could have honked at me."

When she said that I thought to myself,  "yeah and I'd be dialing 911 cause that'd scare the piss right outta ya but would save me having your heart checked" but I know better and did not say this thought aloud. 

She got in the car by herself, which in itself is a feat. I was grateful the driver of the car didn't honk or cuss as her when he got out. I gave him a gracious smile and he returned it with a nod. I know my mom doesn't want to see a new doctor because that means talking about her dementia. She knows this doctor already and is comfortable with him. I have put her mind at ease that there won't be a new doctor.

But as I put the cart away I couldn't help but think I am a mom. I am a mom to a 68 year old. Taking her shopping is harder than taking a four year old to the store. At least you can plop their ass in the cart and buckle them in. Wouldn't that be a sight… a 68 year old woman in the cart with a DumDum sucker in her mouth telling me about her ambulance driving days. LOL 


  1. LOL darling. Glad the crisis was adverted. Trying to find the light in this story. Keep us posted about the appointment. LULUMU

    1. LU LU MU too! Laughter is going to keep me sane. I'm sure I'll have lots to write after we see the doctor. Last time she offered to work for him, but only if she could get rid of the "dumb blonde" up front. LOL

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